About Us

Our commitment to health is unmatched. 

Carotec offers expertly crafted nutritional supplements and health information exposing fraud in food, supplements, and pharmaceuticals. We highlight environmental hazards and advocate for human rights and a healthy planet. Carotec supports small-scale, organic agriculture before “organic” became popular. 

Our investigative reporting exposed the dangers of fluoridation, hydrogenated oils, mercury amalgam fillings, electromagnetic pollution, cell phone and tower exposure, GMO technology, pesticides, herbicides, and many other hazards to our health. 

Carotec’s supplements reflect our total commitment to quality by offering the best ingredients and refusing to include inferior, low-grade ingredients, common across the industry. . 

Seeking optimal health is our mission. We welcome you to be part of the Carotec Family….

Since 1985, we have established a record of being “ahead of our time,” publishing relevant health information and offering cutting-edge products from top-quality manufacturers. We offered industry-leading nutraceuticals, such as alpha lipoic and coenzyme Q10. Our CocoQ-10 used organic coconut oil in 1993, long before coconut oil became popular. 

Carotec’s standardized extracts are from peerless manufacturers. We were in the first group of companies to introduce Krill Oil to the U.S. in our MitoDefense® Astakrill which still stands above all krill and astaxanthin supplements. 

Our raw materials are superior. There are big differences in quality among raw materials and most manufacturers pick the “cheapest.” 

Not so with Carotec. 

For instance, our Alpha Lipoic Acid is made by a leading Italian pharmaceutical firm—and is the same material recognized by German authorities. Our minerals are made in the United States and fully chelated for proper absorption. Our CocoQ-10’s coenzyme Q10 is made in the U.S. by Kaneka (of Japan). Our Vitamin C Plus has ascorbic acid (vitamin C) made in Scotland from non-GMO plant material and the OPCs are made in France (which has substantial clinical backing). 

For more than 20 years, we have only used Masquelier’s OPCs from grape seed and pine bark extract. Our Valenzym® Whole Body Enzyme Support Formula’s pancreatin is made in North America using no solvents—the cleanest available. 

Our Olive Power sets a high standard because we use a clinically supported olive leaf extract (since 1998) with hydroxytyrosol and other constituents found in the leaf and fruit. This makes sure you get the benefits of 6000 years of recorded history of olive leaves and fruit. 

Each product description details how it fulfills our goal of the highest quality. 

NOTE: The statement nutritional support made for the products in this catalog has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to prevent, diagnose or treat any disease.